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AskGrowers Takes a Look at the Cannabis Success Stories of Native American Tribes

Cannabis Is filling in for lost gaming and tobacco revenue, helping some tribes become wealthier than ever

NEW YORK — AskGrowers, a website that keeps the cannabis community informed of the ever-growing selection of сannabis products and the stories behind the people innovating the space, has launched a new interview project on its website“Native American Tribes Create Financial Empires in Booming Cannabis Industry”. As more states defy federal authorities with legal marijuana, Native American tribes have been big winners as well as unsung heroes in advancing the industry.

The interview project is part of AskGrower’s mission to recognize diversity in the cannabis industry. Highlights from the article include the following:

  • A capital investment manager from Portland, Oregon, is behind more than a dozen tribal cannabis success stories in the U.S.
  • Profits from the NuWu Cannabis Marketplace support the medical and educational expenses of the tribe’s members and future business investments.
  • The positive impact goes beyond just the tribes to providers and cultivators.

AskGrowers spoke to several leaders in the cannabis community including, Curtis Anderson, chairman of the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe and head of NuWu Cannabis Marketplace, Kevin Clock, President at Cascade Strategic Investments and Jillian Nelson, Vice President of Operations at Evergreen Organix.

“One of our missions at AskGrowers has always been to inform our readers about the unsung heroes who are innovating the cannabis space,” says Igor Dunaevsky, Managing Partner, AskGrowers. “Through interview projects like this one in honor of National Native American Heritage Monthwe can educate cannabis consumers about the different choices and people working in the field.”

“We believe it is important that our readers learn more about the people who are often underrepresented in the media and how important they are to our industry,” says Irene Stepanenko, AskGrowers, CEO. “We’ll be expanding this type of coverage in 2022.”

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