Autumn Brands Introduces Premium Smalls Flower, an Offering from the Trusted Family-Owned Farm in Sunny Santa Barbara

Autumn Brands Introduces Premium Smalls Flower, an Offering from the Trusted Family-Owned Farm in Sunny Santa Barbara

Autumn Brands offerings include sun-grown and pesticide-free flower, pre-rolls, salves, and elixir

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – Autumn Brands knows a thing or two about cannabis options for anyone looking for all-natural cannabis relaxation. The family farm has been churning out potent strains of cannabis with a modern, artisanal approach to sustainable cannabis cultivation and raising their crops without insecticide sprays. They have just launched Premium Small Flower, another option to help tame tension and naturally enhance overall wellness, with three strains that pack a big, potent punch: Sundae Strudel – Indica, GMOG-Hybrid, and Mother’s Milk- Sativa. 

“We are happy to introduce our premium small flowers that produce high-quality effects,” says Autumn Brands co-founder Hanna Brand. “Cannabis is becoming the go-to for many, not only for recreational but also medicinal purposes, and consumers are looking for the best fit for them.”

All three Autumn Brands Premium Smalls Flower strains are ½ oz (14 g) of Premium Smalls Flower, glass jar, and 100% pesticide-free. The three strains of Autumn Brands Premium Smalls Flower are:

Sundae Strudel – Indica

  • 25% THC 
  • Cross of Sundae Driver and Cherry Strudel
  • Flavors of sweet berry, pine, creamy chocolate with a fuel finish
  • Buds are tight and dense in structure, and it is instantly a classic indica


  • 30% THC 
  • Potent cross of GMO X Legend OG 
  • Flavors of fuel, earth, and the distinct GMO funk
  • Effects are euphoric and relaxing; this strain has some high THC

Mother’s Milk – Sativa

  • 25% THC
  • Sativa-dominant cross of Nepali OG and Appalachia
  • Smells of powdered milk with delicate earthy terpenes and is covered in a heavy dusting of trichomes

Find Autumn Brands Premium Smalls line at the following dispensaries:

Los Angeles: New Amsterdam Naturals, Grassdoor Delivery, MMD Marina Del Ray, MMD Hollywood, Mission Hills Patient Collective, The Set Northridge, Long Beach Wellness Center, New Age Care Center

Other: Ojai Greens, The Roots (Lompoc), Davisville (Dixon), The Farmacy SB (Santa Barbara), Velvet (Martinez).

The Brand Family of Dutch descent has six generations of farming under their belt and teamed up with Autumn Shelton to create Autumn Brands Farm, sustainable and holistic farming that is making an impact on the cannabis world. Autumn Brands is committed to growing cannabis products consumers can count on for quality and safety. Find the Autumn Brands Dispensary locator here:

About Autumn Brands

Autumn Brands is a 50% women-owned and operated cannabis cultivator and creator of top-grade health and wellness products.  The vision of the two families’ spray-free approach allows for a PURE guarantee, providing a clean and potent cannabis experience.  PURE stands Pesticide-free, User-first, Responsibly grown, and Eco-friendly. Autumn Brands produces top-quality strains built on their six generations of farming expertise that started in Holland more than a century ago. For more information, follow us on @AutumnBrands, visit