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  • Last Prisoner Project: Taking Real Action to Help Cannabis Prisoners
    “It really remains a fundamental injustice,” said Stephen Post, of America’s criminalization of cannabis. “We’re really helping to try to turn around those injustices.” Post works as a campaign manager for Last Prisoner Project (LPP), a nonprofit assisting cannabis prisoners.
  • Veteran-owned and operated cannabis company on a mission to heal
    Bryan Buckley founded Helmand Valley Growers Company (HVGC) out of a desire to share healing through cannabis. The chief executive told Profiles in Legalization how the cannabis industry found him during a February interview. He saw the damage being done by inadequate treatment of his fellow veterans.
  • Confia Chief Executive on Crypto, Compliance and Social Equity
    Mark Lozzi seems to choose his words carefully as he speaks. It’s a trait one might expect from someone who built a career out of attention to detail. This attention, after all, is the essence of regulatory compliance. 
  • Cheech Marin & Tommy Chong on Cameo, Expungement and Chicano Art
    When people hear Cheech & Chong, they think cannabis. Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin seared their names into the counterculture decades ago with their subversive stoner comedy. Now they’re leaving their outsized mark on legal cannabis.
  • Workers Who Legally Use Cannabis Can Still Lose Their Jobs
    Thirty-seven states now allow adults to use marijuana medically, recreationally or both. But in most of those states, people can be fired or denied a job for using cannabis in their free time.
  • Cannabis businesses can’t wait for SAFE Banking, they need to protect themselves
    “Frankly, lack of federal reform forces cannabis businesses to operate in completely unacceptable circumstances. These companies deserve access to safe banking services. While we wait for much-needed reform, it is important for cannabis business owners to be vigilant.”
  • How California’s Small Cultivators Can Thrive in a Big Cannabis World
    Consolidation was the legal cannabis industry’s focus for most of last year. With numerous high-profile mergers and acquisitions, many wonder whether small farms can survive in this new age of Big Cannabis.
  • Cannabis Education with Max Simon of Green Flower Media
    The cannabis industry’s rapid growth is bringing with it a thirst for knowledge and information about the plant. Few people know that better than Max Simon, chief executive at Green Flower Media, a cannabis education provider.
  • Cheech & Chef: Comedy legend fronts “stoner food” delivery service
    “With the pandemic, you want to go out,” Cheech Marin tells Profiles in Legalization, “but it’s tough to get into some places. So if you can order from them and have them deliver… Yay! Progress.”
  • Opinion: We need Social Equity in all cannabis industries now
    “It’s time that we establish more robust social equity programs that allow all to thrive in this industry. It shouldn’t just be those who have institutional money or come from a position of privilege.”

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