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  • Ret. Navy SEAL: Biden should support medical cannabis research bill
    Cannabis is just another bullet in the bandolier, and I believe it has had a positive impact. It helps treat PTSD symptoms like anxiety, fear and flashbacks. Unfortunately, our military is still culturally behind and bears real animus toward the plant.
  • CWCBExpo shows off New York’s new cannabis-friendly attitude
    The Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo returned to New York City on November 4 and the state’s new cannabis-friendly attitude was on display. The state is set to be the second-largest legal cannabis economy in the U.S., after California.
  • Mother whose son needs medical cannabis confronts Miss. governor
    Last November, Loftin was elated when more than 759,000 Mississippians voted in favor of a medical marijuana program. She thought Bryan would finally get the medicine he needed. But that celebratory feeling is now a distant memory.
  • Is CBD Right for Your Dog?
    “I am an advocate for CBD, but we succeed because our goal is to educate owners. We try to come from a place of science and personal experience. We do not believe in pressure selling CBD to anyone.”
  • Opinion: It’s time for action on adult-use cannabis in Pennsylvania
    National and local surveys of voters continue to reflect overwhelming support for legalization. Cannabis consumers are no longer asking for permission, instead we are demanding REAL reform at the ballot box. Politicians who make grand promises of cannabis reform should be on notice to start making good, or start looking for jobs in the private sector.
  • SD adult-use cannabis initiative approved to gather signatures
    South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws, the group behind last year’s cannabis legalization push, announced yesterday that a new initiative has been approved for signature gathering.
  • MS activists rally around the state for medical cannabis laws
    House and Senate negotiators dickered most of the summer on a plan to replace the medical marijuana program the high court shot down. Reeves had said that if lawmakers could reach an agreement, he would call them into special session to pass it.
  • New Jersey’s Medical Cannabis Pioneer Ken Wolski
    On a muggy July day, six months into legalization, Northeast Leaf sat down with Ken Wolski. In a baby blue house on a shady side street, tucked at the end of an avenue like an afterthought, we discussed his decades of activism, legal Cannabis, and the battles to come. “One person really makes a difference…
  • Tommy Chong: Don’t treat cannabis like alcohol
    Chong told us that he doesn’t like the way cannabis is being commercialized for adult-use. He especially dislikes the high taxes included to win over skeptical lawmakers and voters to reform. He sees the comparison as harmful to consumers.
  • How effective are cannabis products as sleep aids?
    Problems with sleep are common. In recent research, 48% of UK adults said sleeping badly had a negative effect on their mental health. For teenagers, this proportion was significantly higher – 66%. The large number of people experiencing sleep problems makes for an attractive market. Some companies have seized the opportunity to provide remedies, including several manufacturers of cannabis products. But what is the evidence that cannabis products can help people get a better night’s sleep?

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