Steven W. Hawkins, MPP

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Cannabis “tipping point” close, says Marijuana Policy Project head

“By the beginning of 2023,” says Steven W. Hawkins, “we could very easily see half the states in the country having legalized adult-use.”

Hawkins’ position as executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) gives him a better view than most. He’s also the CEO & President of the U.S. Cannabis Council, another Washington, D.C.-based group pressing for legal cannabis reform.

During a recent phone interview, Hawkins told Profiles in Legalization that he thinks half of U.S. states fully legalizing cannabis might be the “tipping point” into an end to federal cannabis prohibition.

Several cannabis bills, including the SAFE Banking Act and the MORE Act, trudge their way through Congress as states continue to defy prohibition. Federal reform demands support from both major political parties, but is that sort of bipartisanship still possible?

Hawkins spoke about his work and what he thinks of the future.

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