Cheeba Chews Introduces Acclaimed Wellness-Centric Cannabis Edibles to Missouri’s Medical Market

Cheeba Chews Introduces Acclaimed Wellness-Centric Cannabis Edibles to Missouri’s Medical Market

OG Edibles Brand Expands Into Its Sixth State Market

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — To meet surging demand among medical cannabis patients in Missouri, Cheeba Chews today announced its successful expansion into the Show Me State via a Stash House Distribution partnership. The award-winning brand’s line of wellness edibles are now available to Missourians across the state.

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Cheeba Chews’ entrance into the dynamic Missouri medical market represents the company’s unparalleled commitment to empowering cannabis consumers with top-quality products tailored to their needs. It also spotlights Cheeba Chews’ plans for growth through small-market manufacturing partnerships, which help keep initial investments low and manufacturing productivity high.

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“We’re excited to thoughtfully expand our Cheeba footprint in Missouri, with the support of the top-notch distribution team at Stash House,” said Eric Leslie, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Owner of Cheeba Chews. “This will be the second of what we expect to be many productive state-level collaborations.”

Cheeba Chews, one of Colorado’s first edible cannabis brands with sales now in five additional states, brings a wide range of its celebrated and innovative cannabinoid-driven wellness solutions to Missourians in a variety of doses. Offerings include:

  • Mega Dose Taffy Chews: 500mg, 10-piece taffy packages  
    • Available in chocolate, caramel and strawberry flavors
  • Extra Strength Green Hornet Gummies: 500mg, 10-piece gummy packages  
    • Available in mixed fruit, blue raspberry and watermelon flavors
  • Wellness Line: 100mg, 10-piece packages  
    • Available in both gummies and taffy chews in different complementary ratios of THC and other cannabinoids, such as THCV, CBG and CBN
  • Originals: 100mg, 10-piece packages  
    • Available in gummies and taffy chews in both sativa and indica options with a variety of fruit flavors

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About Cheeba Chews

Born in Colorado in 2009, Cheeba Chews is known for its consistently delicious award-winning confections. From original chocolate and caramel chews to newer offerings—such as the Sleepy Chews and Trifecta lines of low-calorie, fat-free taffies featuring an entourage of emerging cannabinoids like CBG and CBN—Cheeba Chews’ unique products tap into the increasingly in-demand cannabis derived wellness market. With a focus on quality and consistency, consumers trust Cheeba Chews to deliver in taste and reliability. Cheeba Chews products are currently available in medical and recreational markets in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada and Oklahoma. Whether it’s focus, feel-good vibes or a restful night, we got Chew. Learn more: