Coda Signature Debuts Wellness Line with Raspberry Lift ‘Healthy Body’ Fruit Notes

Coda Signature Debuts Wellness Line with Raspberry Lift ‘Healthy Body’ Fruit Notes

New Raspberry Lift Healthy Body Fruit Notes Uses THCv, Designed to Increase Focus and Reduce Snacking Throughout the Day

DENVER — Coda Signature, an innovative leader in the cannabis industry, introduces its first wellness-centric edibles product with the new all-natural Raspberry Lift Healthy Body Fruit Notes. Infused with 1mg THCv, 0.1mg THC and 10mg CBD per piece, Raspberry Lift Healthy Body Fruit Notes feature a balanced blend of cannabinoids designed to increase mental clarity and encourage positive eating habits, making it the ideal addition to wellness rituals.

“Providing a mind and body experience, Raspberry Lift Healthy Body Fruit Notes serve as a holistic approach to wellness, broadening the horizons for how cannabis is used and conceptualized,” said Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Lauren Gockley.

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The latest example of Coda’s dedication to excellence and innovation, Raspberry Lift Healthy Body Fruit Notes feature natural raspberry ketones known for boosting metabolism, chicory to promote gut health and hints of green tea to enhance cognitive function.

In addition to robust flavor, Raspberry Lift also contains THCv, the first time this minor cannabinoid has been incorporated into Coda’s classic pâte de fruit notes. Drawing on inspiration from the cannabis plant, Coda combines THCv, CBD and a small amount of THC with fast acting, water-soluble technology to improve bioavailability, provide a more predictable experience and deliver effects in just 15-20 minutes.

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“The purpose of this product is to introduce the canna-curious or anyone who knows the wonderful, all natural properties of this plant to a cannabis-inspired wellness lifestyle,” said CEO Maigread Eichten.

Coda’s Raspberry Lift Healthy Body Fruit Notes are available in 10-pack tins retailing for $25-30. The product can be purchased at dispensaries throughout Colorado. For a full list of product availability, please visit

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