Leaf411, Cannabis Doing Good Partner to Provide Free Nurse-led Guidance Calls to Celebrate 4/20

Leaf411, Cannabis Doing Good Partner to Provide Free Nurse-led Guidance Calls to Celebrate 4/20

Social justice organizations team up to help highlight the importance of equal access to cannabis healthcare information for underserved communities

DENVER — In recognition of annual 4/20 celebrations, Leaf411™, the first cannabis nurse guidance call service, and Cannabis Doing Good, which promotes the efforts of purpose-driven cannabis companies, are partnering to offer Leaf411’s pre-scheduled guidance calls to consumers completely free of charge from April 17-23. The half-hour guidance sessions, which normally cost $25, can be pre-scheduled by visiting the Leaf411 website.

“Unfortunately, there are still barriers preventing some populations from accessing legal cannabis products, not to mention credible information about cannabis. For far too many citizens, the cost of cannabis products remains out of reach, impacting primarily lower income and minority populations,” said Katherine Golden, a registered nurse and CEO of Leaf411. “There are many reasons to recognize and celebrate 4/20. But the annual holiday should also serve as a call to action for the industry to address the social equity challenges that remain. We are so grateful for the generosity of Cannabis Doing Good, who is providing funding to help cover the costs of bringing this service to everyone.”

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The pre-scheduled guidance sessions enable consumers to speak directly with a cannabis-trained nurse who can help them make informed decisions about their cannabis purchases and consumption. The sessions can be scheduled at the consumer’s convenience, and provide more detailed, customized information than is available through the Leaf411 hotline, leaving callers feeling comfortable and confident in their cannabis use. The new scheduled guidance sessions were introduced earlier this year as Leaf411 expanded its services to reach more consumers.

“Leaf411 has shown they are dedicated to advancing the cannabis industry in a way that addresses racial equity and health equity,” said Kelly Perez, co-CEO of Cannabis Doing Good. “We love the idea that everyone should have access to trusted healthcare information and we are proud to help them bring this service to consumers in celebration of 4/20.”

The pre-scheduled guidance sessions are HIPAA compliant and allow consumers to choose the day and time for their phone or online chat appointment, while also enabling the ability to select a preferred nurse from the Leaf411 team. Consumers interested in a free guidance session with a cannabis-trained nurse during the week of 4-20, should visit leaf411.org to schedule their session.

“Sales at cannabis dispensaries spike every year on April 20th, making it one of the top-selling days of the year for cannabis products, if not the highest-selling day for many dispensaries,” Golden said. “We thought this would be the perfect week to encourage consumers to learn more about different cannabis products, how to consume them safely and effectively, and how these products can fit into an overall health regimen.”

About Leaf411
Leaf411 is the first cannabis-trained nurse guidance service. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Leaf411 was founded in 2019 with a mission to provide education and directional support to the general public about the safe and effective use of cannabis (marijuana and hemp). Leaf411’s team of cannabis-trained nurses are passionate about helping the community access balanced education about their cannabis use while also improving public perception of the cannabis industry. For more information visit leaf411.org or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

About Cannabis Doing Good
Cannabis Doing Good educates and consults with cannabis companies in areas of social responsibility (CSR), racial equity and environmental sustainability. They believe by helping companies Do Good, they will Do Better; increasing business growth, retaining employees, expanding consumer affinity and building a legacy of community-centered, people and earth-first business practices. The freshly launched, CDG membership program, brings brands, companies, ancillary cannabis together into a purpose driven cannabis community to build a racially just, environmentally sound, community-benefitting sector. CDG’s sister-nonprofit, the Cannabis Impact Fund, provides direct support to 5 grantees, Bail Project, Color of Change, Black Futures Lab, Hood Incubator and Minorities for Medical Marijuana. For more information, www.cannabisdoinggood.com.