OFFFIELD launches Athletic Gummies: Co-created with over 200 athletes, the formula combines the science of the “Runner’s High” with endurance innovation

OFFFIELD launches Athletic Gummies: Co-created with over 200 athletes, the formula combines the science of the “Runner’s High” with endurance innovation

New offering furthers OFFFIELD’s mission to make daily active life enjoyable, helping athletes get out of their heads and get the most out of their bodies.

LOS ANGELES — Today, Athletic Cannabis company OFFFIELD announces a new innovation and category expansion, Athletic Gummies. Designed and formulated to provide a sustainable source of energy during exercise, combining the science of the “Runner’s High” with functional plant-based ingredients.

Cannabis Research Meets Athletic Performance

Athletic Gummies are a high strength alternative format to OFFFIELD’s popular Enhanced Hydration drink mix. Each serving of Athletic Gummies is formulated with 100mg of broad-spectrum CBD and 16mg of the rare cannabinoid CBG – free of additives, isolates, and impurities – to simulate the “Runner’s High” effect.

Cannabis research has uncovered that cannabinoids (not endorphins) are responsible for the effects of the Runner’s High. Uniquely capable of managing mood, inflammation, and pain relief – which endorphins were once held responsible for but now prove not to be. OFFFIELD’s products use these scientific findings as the foundation for their formulations.

The cannabinoids combine with Elderberry Raspberry superfruits and a precise array of active performance ingredients. Including 20mg of Yerba Caffeine, B Vitamins, Amino Acids, and Carbohydrates for sustainable energy and endurance; 35 mg of Vitamin C to slow down the processes that cause cell damage in the body, and electrolytes to aid in hydration and support fluid balance, collectively creating an optimal experience of joyful and improved movement.

“When it comes to long-distance running, one of the biggest drawbacks is having to carry water. It’s heavy and annoying,” said Tony Fur, Co-Founder of OFFFIELD “We wanted to deliver on the same benefits as our Enhanced Hydration but optimized for a higher dose given the rigor of the activity. So, we began experimenting with gummies.”

Building A Better Gummy

Athletic Gummies are a result of the company’s innovative Offfield Labs program. Through this initiative, OFFFIELD co-creates new products with their athlete community. The inaugural Offfield Labs project, Athletic Gummies, sold out in only 2 weeks. Over 200 athletes participated in the development surveying with a 98% approval rating.

“We found that endurance athletes regularly take multiple supplements, liquids, and synthetic painkillers. Our goal was to provide a compact, portable, and plant-based alternative,” said Dr. Mark Farber, MD, Ph.D., and Chief Scientific Officer at OFFFIELD. “Offfield Labs gave us a diverse test group ranging in age, location, and sports, to find the optimal blend that would work across disciplines. After analyzing the feedback, we successfully reformulated the gummy.”

Product Details and Pricing

OFFFIELD Athletic Gummies are sold in packs of 32 Elderberry Raspberry gummies for $52.00. Each order ships free. Subscribers enjoy a 25% discount ($39.00). The product is sold at


OFFFIELD is an Athletic Cannabis company founded to inspire ”active lives and active minds.” We call it Movement Made Happy.

Based in sunny and optimistic Los Angeles, we combine innovative cannabis research with performance science to create clean, effective, and natural products that keep everyday athletes moving happy through the benefits of the “Runners’ High”.