Rec. Cannabis Dispensary Essex Apothecary Poises to Open -- Public Celebration Scheduled

Rec. Cannabis Dispensary Essex Apothecary Poises to Open — Public Celebration Scheduled

Woman-owned, woman-run cannabis dispensary Essex Apothecary poises to open, announcing public celebration, and offering customized cannabis experiences to customers and the community by focusing on terpenes.

LYNN, Mass. — After over four years of dedicated work, Essex Apothecary will be opening its doors June 3, 2022. The eclectic dispensary will offer a diverse product selection, including flower, tincture, edibles, concentrates, and more to Lynn, MA, visitors and residents.

Lynn local and Essex Apothecary Owner Heather Hannon believes consumers deserve a personalized cannabis experience.

“We believe in the healing, helping aspects of cannabis. Because every body is different and reacts differently to different things, our intent is to listen to our customers and suggest products that can assist them.”

            –Heather Hannon

By utilizing a menu segmented and organized by terpenes—natural aromatic compounds found in cannabis that contribute significantly to the feelings cannabis strains impart—customers will have increased foresight into the experience they will have after consumption.

The dispensary’s stunning decorative mural has added to the artistic ambiance of the Lynn, MA, neighborhood. Inside, imagery of alchemical tools—beakers, glass tubes, and statues—adorns the wallpaper, alluding to deeper hidden meaning and harkening back to the wise and mysterious apothecaries of old.

Open to guests 21+ years old, Essex Apothecary will be hosting a ribbon-cutting celebration at 12PM, live and streamed on the Greater Lynn Chamber of Commerce Facebook page and complete with Kowloons Mobile food truck, live music from DJ Abyss, promotional item giveaways, and more on June 3 at the dispensary’s flagship location, 233 Western Ave, Lynn, MA.

About Essex Apothecary:

Essex Apothecary is a recreational cannabis dispensary located in Lynn, MA. Mother, Lynn local, and Essex Apothecary Owner, Heather Hannon believes cannabis can help and heal. The dispensary aims to provide a wide array of cannabis products to customers and inspire women by showing them that, with will and tenacity, they can do anything they put their mind to.