Terrayn Launches Dispensary Intelligence Solution to Solve Top Dispensary Problems Plaguing the Cannabis Industry Today

Terrayn Launches Dispensary Intelligence Solution to Solve Top Dispensary Problems Plaguing the Cannabis Industry Today

DENVER —  Terrayn, a Denver-based cannabis retail solutions provider that partners with dispensaries across the United States and Canada, today announced the launch of HyperPerformance, its new suite of cannabis industry intelligence tools. Aimed at solving common challenges facing cannabis retail proprietors in marketing, training, competitive analysis and decision-making, this solution will provide dispensary owners with the business intelligence and tools they need to understand consumer behavior and enhance operational excellence.

While traditionally known for helping cannabis retailers increase foot traffic using its HyperLocal SEO services, Terrayn is now expanding its footprint in the cannabis retail technology arena with this newest suite of business intelligence software.

The HyperPerformance suite was developed by dispensary owners for dispensary owners to overcome challenges caused by incomplete data, strict regulations, and increasingly saturated markets. This innovative performance dashboard provides a unique view of data with actionable insights on pricing, product mix and the impact of marketing campaigns. Additional tools, including a product recommender and custom menu displays, are designed to enhance operational excellence.

This solution comes as the cannabis industry is at an impetus of change, evolution, and fierce competition. Dispensary owners must rely on data, not their gut, to make business decisions and many are struggling to make a profit despite the promise of a “green rush” upon the onset of legal, recreational state cannabis laws. Nonetheless, the industry is still expected to reach $72 billion by 2030 and newly legal states like New York and New Jersey are ushering in more industry players and competitors daily.

HyperPerformance will arm dispensary owners with data insights and business intelligence to help them stand out from competitors. The principle behind both Terrayn’s HyperLocal solution and this latest software was inspired by military solutions used to locate IEDs in Afghanistan. The company’s founder and CEO, Trevor Shirk, is a former Army officer.

“When we were looking for IEDs, we couldn’t physically search everywhere due to the sheer volume of the areas we had to clear. To overcome this challenge, we leveraged data and technology to focus our efforts on the areas that were most likely to be targeted,” said Shirk. “After the Army, I applied the same principle to help retailers get more customers and focus resources where they are most effective and impactful.”

Terrayn launched the HyperPerformance suite of business intelligence tools in September 2022 and is continuing to evolve its technology solutions to help dispensary owners overcome common challenges.

About Terrayn

Terrayn is a key dispensary partner and problem-solver within the cannabis industry providing industry-leading data, customer acquisition, and technology solutions to solve common hurdles facing cannabis retail. Comprised of a high-performance team of industry thought-leaders who value turning insights into effective action, Terrayn’s streamlined solutions give dispensary owners the ability to view data and inputs across all operations in order for decisions to be made in the best interest of the business.