The CanCoin ($CANNA) Welcomes Heini Beretta, Digital Asset Entrepreneur to its Advisory Board

STOCKHOLM, Oct. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire––  The CanCoin ($CANNA), a cannabis token designed to resolve market issues and enable monetization for the legal cannabis market, today announced that Swiss entrepreneur and investor Heini Beretta who specialises in digital assets and has 23 years’ experience in global capital markets, with 8 years in the decentralised finance industry, has joined its advisory board, adding financial market and digital asset expertise. 

Heini Beretta began his career in 1998 in the City of London working in exotic equity derivatives for Chase Manhattan (now JPMorgan). Heini has extensive experience working with complex financial instruments and hedge funds. Most recently Heini was a senior advisor to a prominent Swiss family office investment group.

In 2013, Heini discerned the asymmetric opportunities brought about by Bitcoin and opened his first trading account then. He is currently a member of the Crypto Valley Association in Zug in north central Switzerland and is involved in various digital provenance projects.

“With Heini Beretta expertise in the decentralised finance industry (DeFi) and his extensive network of commercial and investor contacts globally, the CanCoin project team is looking forward to accelerating its go-to-market strategies which have already commenced. We believe there will be speedy acceptance by the community and investors of the legal cannabis ecosystem, as the response so far after just a few weeks of marketing since minting CANNA has been very positive” said Daniel Daboczy, CEO at The CanCoin.

The CanCoin project was designed to resolve central-market problems such as a lack of transparency, poor tracking of the supply chain, distrust in monitoring systems in both products and patients, and the reluctance of financial institutions to service the European cannabis market. To resolve the prime issue, the CanCoin project uses blockchain technology to streamline processes, setting standards for financial access, opportunity and trust throughout the legal cannabis economic system.

“I am thrilled to be a part of the CanCoin project. As a leader in blockchain provenance solutions for physical commodities and trade-finance applications, I believe my experience in practical blockchain implementation within decentralised finance will value-add to both the legal cannabis ecosystem as well as the CanCoin project movement.” said Heini Beretta, the recently-appointed advisor to The CanCoin project. “Trust and privacy is an important element for consumers and businesses alike. With the integration of blockchain technology with product provenance and financial process, we believe there will be more acceptance from the payment services industry to transact within the legal cannabis ecosystem.”

The CanCoin was developed by Technicorum Holdings, a Singapore- and Stockholm-based DeFi advisory group specializing in digital assets like KingSwap, together with European crowdfunding experts Daniel Daboczy, and David Bonnier and Amaury de Poret, the co-founders and investment managers at Enexis AB, one of the first investment companies focused on the cannabis sector. Technicorum, considered to be one of the world’s foremost ICO/IDO advisors, brings to bear its trusted expertise in managing DeFi projects, while David Bonnier and Amaury de Poret provide access to their diverse portfolio of cannabis opportunities in the European market, along with market expertise. Daniel Daboczy, founder of a company that was the fastest-growing equity-crowdfunding platform in Europe and CEO at Technicorum Holdings, brings with him his crowdfunding and marketing expertise, to connect investors and entrepreneurs and help with project management of the IDO (initial DEX offering), and also in solutions development.

The CanCoin listed its $CANNA token on KingSwap and PancakeSwap DEXes (decentralised exchanges) on October 12th, 2021. Please visit for more information. 


The CanCoin is a cannabis token that was developed to combat frictional losses and to effect monetization in the growing legalised European cannabis market. Supported by the investment and management teams at Technicorum Holdings and Enexis AB, as well as Daniel Daboczy, The CanCoin resolves key market challenges through using blockchain, along with NFT and DeFi elements. The CanCoin streamlines payments and processing, inventory management, patient monitoring, medical cannabis cards, and allows tracking from seed to shelf. Please visit for more information.


The Technicorum Group consists of several subsidiaries, some of which are regulated and specialize in various industries in the field of digital assets, DeFi, etc. and is mainly responsible for the KingSwap project, with numerous reference projects, including more than 100 ICOs (initial coin offerings) completed over the last 4 years, through its subsidiaries.

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