The People’s Ecosystem Launches the First Cannabis Decentralized Autonomous Organization

The People’s Ecosystem Launches the First Cannabis Decentralized Autonomous Organization

The People’s DAO intends to Provide Financial Freedom, Education and Opportunities to their diverse communities to learn about BIPOC and Women-Owned Cannabis Businesses and the Cannabis Industry

SAN FRANCISCO — The People’s Ecosystem, announced the launch of The People’s DAO, the first cannabis Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The People’s DAO intends to provide financial freedom, education and opportunities to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and women-owned businesses, creatives, and initiatives by using Web3 technology.

The People’s DAO is founded by the entire team of The People’s Ecosystem, designed to fill the gap of economic deprivation found in underrepresented communities. Members will have access to The People’s Ecosystem (TPE) expanded network of individuals, DAO projects, as well as NFTs, Cryptocurrency, and Web3 Technology education. Additionally, members will leverage their collective influence to introduce new social equity opportunities at the edge of the metaverse.

“Never in the history of BIPOC and women-led companies have we had the opportunity to give access to the people and determine who our most successful companies are in any industry. That decision has always been at the discretion of a small number of powerful players. This is most heartbreakingly evident in the cannabis industry. An industry that was created by BIPOC, women, disabled, LGBTQ+ and formerly and currently incarcerated people across the U.S. and the world,” said Christine De La Rosa, CEO and Co-Founder, The People’s Ecosystem and The People’s DAO. “I believe that the idea of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) may hold the key to the most significant and profound shift in access in my lifetime.”

In conjunction with The People’s DAO announcement, The People’s DAO plans to announce its inaugural non-fungible tokens series (NFTs) inspired by the rubber hose animation style from the 1920s, produced by Charles Quinniey, a freelance multimedia designer. The “CHRONICles of Mary Jane” collection will feature gifs that target consumers interested in participating in this groundbreaking frontier. The first NFT, The People’s DAO membership token, to launch in the collection will be the title character, Mary Jane. These digital collectibles will be sold directly by The People’s DAO, using OpenSEA.

“This is the first industry, cannabis, that BIPOC and women have a real opportunity to engage with. The People’s DAO creates an opportunity for an inclusive community to learn, build and support amazing projects in the cannabis industry,” said Frederika Easley, Director of Strategic Initiatives, The People’s Ecosystem, Founder, The People’s DAO. “The People’s DAO takes our mission to the next level! Business is moving to the metaverse, and so are we. We’re excited to put some of the latest mediums, NFT’s, Web3, and crypto, to use to build a community of like-minded people willing to invest in the integrity of cannabis culture.”

The People’s DAO is committed to providing new opportunities and education for BIPOC and women-led companies and communities excited to support them. For more information on The People’s DAO, NFT launches, and other social equity initiatives, please visit

To join the community the membership waitlist is now open, please visit

About The People’s Ecosystem

Grounded on the intrinsic value of cannabis culture, The People’s Ecosystem actively promotes equity in the cannabis industry in a way that authentically reflects the plant’s diverse history. With a particular interest in BIPOC and women-led companies, TPE focuses on bringing equity and opportunity to marginalized communities by helping companies through their experience and network to canna-entrepreneurs.

About The People’s DAO

Founded by the original founders of The People’s Ecosystem and the entire executive team, the founders are working together in this new frontier to open doors to communities most impacted by the lack of access to information, education and opportunity.